Free Agent Individual Players

Over 150 players participate in our ‘Free AgentIndividuals’ program



Our ”Free Agent Individual” Player Program gives everyone the opportunity to sign-up and play even if they
don’t know enough people to create, or assemble a team. PSBL MAKES teams out of
“Free Agent Individuals” like yourself. Currently we have over 150 players that participate in this program.
See below for more information

  • Number of players on a team’s roster: We will carry 7 players on the roster, which means everyone will get a ton of playing time as there are usually 1 or 2 players missing per week. Players should sub every 5 minutes to keep playing time evenly balanced.
  • Skill level: The skill level of your team will be appropriate to the players joining the team. If you are an
    “A” player with a bunch of C’s and a D, you will be in the C level. Keep in mind we want you to have a rewarding experience. This is a PLAYERS league. We will do our best to get you on the most appropriate team, but it is very realistic that you will NOT like all of your teammates. We do not hold tryouts for the league to determine skill levels, so the worst case you’ll get to play asap each week in the league. Don’t expect your team to win the NBA Finals.
  • Network for the next Session: Use the Free Agent Individual Program as an opportunity to network and form your own team where you can determine your skill level. Normally you will meet 2-3 players that you enjoy playing with on these Free Agent Individual Teams. Band together with those 3 players next session and start your own team.
  • Team name & Uniforms: Each Free Agent Individual Team has a team name. Free Agent Individual players will be required to purchase from the league their own reversible jersey. This is a one time cost. The cost will be $15-$17 per jersey ($17 for XXL and XXXL sizes,) and you will be required to have it at every game. Please note undershirts must be the same color.
  • *NEW* 2nd Chance Opportunity Now you get a “2nd chance” to play (tell us by 12 noon on game day) if you are going to miss your league game (for ANY reason) when you sign up for PSBL’S “Free Agent Individual” program. At NO EXTRA cost you can play in any of the following PSBL Weekend games: 
    • Saturday Morning 10am game at PSBL Sodo
    • Saturday Morning 11am game at PSBL Sodo
    • *Saturday Morning 12:10 game at Seattle Central
    • *Sunday Morning 10am game at Seattle Central
    • *Sunday Morning 11am game at Seattle Central

    The “2nd chance” game is ONLY good for the upcoming Saturday or Sunday. You cannot accrue “2nd chance” games. “2nd chance” games are FREE unless you flake out and do not show up! If you commit to playing and then do not show up PSBL will charge you for the cost of the game. You have until 4pm the afternoon before to cancel and not be charged.

    To sign up for any of these games text Tim Kerns at 206-354-1698 to get on the roster.

    • Sunday: Co-Ed & Men’s League
    • Monday Night : Men’s League 
    • Tuesday Night: Men’s and Women’s League
    • Wednesday Night: Men’s League
    • Thursday Night: Men’s League


    • Mon – Thurs Nights – 6:30 PM – 9:55 PM
    • Sundays – 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Click here to view the gyms we use. “Free Agent Individuals” might be asked to travel further to games based on the geography of the other 6 players on the team. PSBL does try to match up player’s geographies, but please be flexible.


    • What team will you be placed on? We will try to put you on the team that meets your needs. Keep in mind we want you to have a rewarding experience. This is a PLAYERS league. We will do our best to get you on the most appropriate team.
    • Can you join with friends? “YES”. Please indicate what friend or friends you would like on your team in the “Notes” section of the registration form. If you have any friends or co-workers that want to play with you, on any of these Free Agent Individual teams, have them register themselves or you can pay and register for them. You can forward this note to them on ‘how to pay’. We will get you on the same team.
    • Can I be traded to another Free Agent Individual Team? To make it enjoyable for all players and to keep teams equally competitive, we may need to switch players to different teams after the session has started. If you signed up with a friend, we will- however, keep you on the same team.
    • If you feel you are in the wrong skill levelthen let us know after a few games. The league director and assistant director are involved with these teams, playing as well as refereeing, so within a season or two you will end up on the correct team and correct skill level.
    • What if I do not like the team? There will be no refunds for any reason. 75% of the players enjoy playing on these teams, and given a few games, the kinks work themselves out. 25% of those that sign up as an Free Agent Individual do not like the team (at first).


Please do not ask us if there is room…if you are reading this, there is room for you on the next start date listed. Restated: If you are reading this, there is still room for you on the next season listed.


    • To join you must pay: Directions on how to pay are listed in the registration section. You simply need to pay $82 and complete the registration form. Once you are paid in full and have answered the 12 questions, you will be placed on one of the teams. You can do this 100% by email and get placed on a team without ever actually talking to us.
    • DISCOUNT for playing on two teams: If you play on 2 “Free Agent Individual” teams (twice per week), you get 10 off, or a FREE game.
      • Important Note Regarding Refunds: If you sign up for a Session and then miss a few games, thisdoes not qualify you for a refund or credit. You purchase a full session and we provide you the games. Whether you attend the games or not is up to you.


Sign up now and we’ll work you into the current session.


Your schedule will be emailed two days before your league start date. On the 2nd page of the schedule, we list the Free Agent Individuals and what teams they are on- you simply find your team and then follow your team schedule. If you do not get a schedule, check the web site. We will post the Free Agent Individual teams rosters on the web site as well. Show up to the first game at least 10 minutes early. Restated: Once you pay, we do not call you, but you have two ways to find your schedule (email or the web site).



    • How to rejoin for the following sessions: On your final game of the session, all Free Agent Individual players will indicate on the “Last Week Foul Sheet” if they are rejoining (right after the game ends- the lead referee will collect money right there at the game). Players must pay $72 at that final game. Players have the option of “S” Staying on the SAME team, “N” Joining a NEW team, or “O” being OUT for the next Session


    • Once a Session has started Free Agent Individuals are still encouraged to register. Late Registrations will go on a “Waiting List”. As soon as the Waiting List builds to 7 Free Agent Individuals PSBL will release this “Indy Team” for the remainder of the Session. Players will pay pro-rated fees for the remaining games ($10/ game). If PSBL does not release a team, then LATE REGISTRATIONS are guaranteed placement for the following Session.
    • Important Note Regarding Refunds: If you sign up for a Session and then miss a few games, this does not qualify you for a refund or credit. You purchase a full session and we provide you the games. Whether you attend the games or not is up to you.